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OK, if you're reading this far, then you've finished book one. I hope you enjoyed it!

Towards the end of Steve the Superstar, we were introduced to Jemma on the camping trip. She and Steve seem to have hit it off as friends. She's a bit of a tomboy, likes sports and playing with boys (more than with dolls), although Steve's brother David likes to think there is more to this friendship than just fun and laughter.

Book two, titled Friends and Bullies, will continue where Steve the Superstar left off - with Steve facing unfinished business with Damien and finding out that Jemma has been enrolled at his school.

Jemma's presence is cool, Damien's isn't and you get the feeling that Sizwe might not like the idea of Steve having another best friend.

You might even have some ideas of what might happen. Why not let me know what you think mught happen next, or would like to read about, in Steve Tackles Life: Friends and Bullies:

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